5 Camping Trips to Take at Least Once in a Lifetime

So you like camping and you have been to your local campgrounds a few times but maybe you want to explore something bigger. You want to see a place that has amazing scenery and beautiful landscapes. We have you covered. Below, you are going to read about the best 5 camping trips you need to take at least once in your life, all within the United States!

Glacier National Park

At Glacier National Park in Montana, you can choose from 13 campgrounds and over 1,000 sites to camp. You can go on a first come, first served basis, but must make reservations if you are staying at Fish Creek, St. Mary, Apgar and Many Glacier.

The amount of time you camp is limited from 2 weeks to one month depending on the time of year and there are some basic rules and regulations you must follow. If you are staying in Bear and Mountain Lion Country, you should be aware that the animals may get close to your site, and you should never approach any animals.

You can find a primitive status campground, as well as spaces for hikers and bikers. Don’t miss out on the evening events that happen. Programs cover a wide variety of topics from rangers and Native Americans, and you can check the schedules there to see a program, or visit the amphitheaters.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park has 12 camping grounds that are first come, first served and is open all year around. Bring your best survival watch because you will surely want to get lost in this national park! There are even places for those who want to do backcountry camping or camp outside of the park.

This national park is cut into 3 districts, which are determined by the Colorado River and the Green River. These districts are known as Island in the Sky, The Needles and The Maze. Utah’s largest national park, you can explore over 300,000 acres of beautiful land and water.

You should bring everything you need as there are hardly any services in this remote area of land. However, you can visit any of the three visitor centers, one of which are available in each district. The Hans Flat Ranger Station has a small sales area but no food, water or gas.

The Needles visitor center has permits, an eating area and an orientation movie that shows during the day. The Island in the Sky center shows an orientation movie, too and has places to drink water and use the facilities.

Haleakala National Park

MyOutdoorsLife loves to help you get the most out of camping, no matter where you go. At Haleakala National Park, you can stay at one of 2 drive-up camping grounds. The Hosmer Grove Campground is in the cloud belt, at over 2,000 meters high.

You can experience cold weather and rain here, and sometimes freezing temperatures. The daytime is quite nice reaching up to 65 degrees. Here, you can grill food, eat, get drinking water and use the facilities. From here, you can take the self-guided nature trail to explore the area and check out the native birds and animals.

At Kipahulu Campground, you will be close to the visitor center and will see ocean cliffs and enjoy a short walk to ‘Ohe’o Gulch. You can watch the sunset over the ocean for a romantic evening. At this campground, you can cook, eat, use the facilities and shop at the 2 general stores, just a few miles away. The weather here can be intense, and you may run into mosquitoes, so be prepared.

Grand Teton National Park

When you visit the Grand Teton National park, you can stay at one of 6 campgrounds, for anywhere from a week to two weeks. Visit Jenny Lake and Colter Bay for a beautiful scenic experience. At Colter Bay Campground, you can use the hookups and laundry facilities, however Gros Centre Campground is beautiful with the safe brush, cottonwoods and Gros Centre River.

Headwaters Campground offers a forest full of spruce and fir trees as well as many facilities. Jenny Lake is near Jenny Lake and offers a ton of beauty, just like Lizard Creek Campground, which has lots of spruce and fir trees and sits near Jackson Lake.

Signal Mountain also offers spruce and fir trees but also has hillsides, as well as mountain and lake views, and near a marina and amenities. You can camp at this national park in the winter, from December until April.

Acadian National Park

You can stay at 1 of 4 campgrounds here. Duck Harbor is rugged and is an island off the coast of Stonington, ME. It is remote and sits among some of Maine’s beautiful camping areas. Schoodic Woods Campground is on the Schoodic Peninsula and is near Winter Harbor. You can camp here from May until fall time.

Seawall Campground is near Southwest Harbor and is open from May to September. This is near route 102A, so it is noisier than other grounds nearby. Blackwoods Campground is located on Rte 3 and is by Bar Harbor, and its open all year.

Group camping is encouraged here for groups of 15 to 20, depending on the campground you are staying at. There are 4 sites for this at Blackwood, 2 at Schoodic and 5 at Seawall. Overall, Acadian has a lot to explore and much to do for those who want a relaxing time.


Do you feel like we have covered the best places to go camping at least once in your life? Are you ready to start a cross-country tour where you hit up all of the best national parks for camping? We can’t blame you! Now that you know where the best places to go are located, you can plan the trip of a lifetime and not spend a bunch of money to do so!

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5 Camping Trips to Take at Least Once in a Lifetime

5 Gorgeous Mountains to Conquer in Asia

So you are an avid hiker and a person who loves the outdoors. You have probably climbed mountains around your area or while on vacation, but what about those overseas? Asia is full of great mountains to hike that are challenging and beautiful. In this article, we are going to check out the top 5 most gorgeous mountains in all of Asia. Let’s begin!


Makalu is the 5th highest peak in the world and is extremely massive and sits like a pyramid. There are many ridges, as well as a double peak that is connected by Chomolonzo, a saddle within the range. This area sits on the south side of Nepal at the border of northern Tibet.

Climbing Makalu is one challenge you will never forget. The locals call it Kumba Karna, or The Giant. Located in the Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area, you will find that there is a ton of wilderness here, where seasonal herding takes place in the higher pastures. The climb is incredibly steep and there are some Monsoon rains during the year.

While the mountain itself is snowcapped, keep an eye out for oak, maple and magnolia trees, as well as herbs, juniper and more. You will also find chestnut and pine forests as well as areas of orchids.

Around Makalu, you will find wildflowers and plants that you won’t find just anywhere. There are over 3,000 species of flowers and the wildlife there includes red pandas, musk deer and leopards, among others. Grab your binoculars because there are about 400 species of birds to watch out for, some of which are very rare.


K2 is also called Mount Godwin-Austen and is known as the second highest mountain on the planet, next to Mount Everest. Located on the Pakistan and China borders, this highest point of this mountain is Karakoram. Bring best camping knife for the money because this is one tough mountain to climb!

Ascending is very difficult and hazardous, so you have to be careful. Along the way, you will find the Tarim sedimentary basin that is located near the lesser Himalayas, as well as many huge glaciers and melted waters. The fresh water from here helps out the agriculture for the locals in the valleys.

The northern portion is the steepest, as it ascends over 10,000 feet. There is a ton of sedimentary and metasedimentary rocks near faults. Metamorphic rocks exist near the Sarpo Laggo Glacier, as well as other glaciers in the area.

The area is stunningly beautiful, along with the protolith around that developed from lots of magma, as well as the leucogranite dikes that are eroding quickly.

Mount Everest

The world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, is located in the Himalayas, on the border of China and Nepal. At over 29,000 feet, this mountain is massive and is the home to some flora and fauna as well as rocks and formations.

From Ordovician limestone to dolomite and faults, you are sure to have an amazing time discovering Mount Everest. There are a lot of areas with sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that are located near the Indian Plate. The Rongbuk Formation is made of high-grade granite and metamorphic rocks that were made when India and Asia formed together.

While there is little flora and fauna here, you will find some Arenaria, which is an alpine cushion plant that grows below 18,000 feet on the mountain. You will find some animals here, such as the black jumping spider. Watch out for birds, too, like the bar-headed goose and the chough or its relation, the yellow-billed choughs. Yaks are used here to haul gear and you will also see snow leopards, Himalayan black bears and red pandas, and about 10 species of ants.

You can experience high winds here, which is why climbing Everest in the spring or fall time, when monsoon season is either ending or beginning.

Jengish Chokusu

This is the highest mountain in the Tian Shan mountain range and it sits on the China and Kyrgyzstan border. There are many summits along the ridge and it is separated by the South Engilchk glacier, where most people set up camp. This is why having some camping games for couples can come in handy when there is downtime.

Be sure to stop at Lake Ysyk, which is bordered by Teskey Ala, where the lake sits in the center. You will also pass by the Ak-Say River Basin and the Naryn River. As for the flora of the area, you will find grasses, wormwood and many desert shrubs around the Tian Shan steppe. Among that, you will find meadows and slopes as well as various types of trees like Maple, Aspen and wild fruit trees.

Nut bear forests are interesting, where you can find walnuts, pistachios and more! In the river valleys, you will run into other trees like poplar and birch. As for animals, you can find mountain partridge, alpine chough, crown, Himalayan snow cock, vultures, gazelles, snakes, and antelopes, to name a few.

Mount Kinabalu

Kinabalu is the highest peak in the Crocker Range of Borneo and is also known as the highest mountain in Malaysia, and in the Malay Archipelago. Here, you will find montane grasslands and shrublands. There are upwards of 6,000 plant species, over 300 types of birds, and more than 100 mammalian species.

You will find slipper orchids, rafflesia plants, which is the largest flower in the world, and many rare flowers. This is also home to animals like bare-headed laughing thrush, mountain serpent eagle, dulit frog mouth, and eye browed jungle fly catcher, among many other oddly named animals in the local area.


Are you ready to explore some of the beauty that the mountains in Asia have to offer? With challenging climbs and various plant life, animals, and weather to experience, you are sure to have an adventure of a lifetime.

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5 Gorgeous Mountains to Conquer in Asia

Top Gadgets to Have When You’re Moving From One Hotel to Another

Is your line of work taking you from hotel to a hotel? Do you spend most of your “free” time in a hotel room? Is your biggest problem that you get bored in the room and don’t know what to do to kill the time? Then you definitely need to have gadgets that will help you not “die” of boredom.

We know how boring hotel rooms can be, especially if you are practically living in them. Cable TV is okay, but that gets boring soon and then you have to think of the ways to entertain yourself until you fall asleep. Therefore, having a few gadgets at your disposal is never a bad idea. But, how to know which ones will be ideal for you? That’s where we jump in.

We are going to help you with a few great gadget suggestions. After you are done reading, you might decide to get one of them, a few, or maybe all of them.

TV Box

The majority of hotels have TVs and cable, but not all have great cable channels. So, if there’s nothing to watch, what can you do? Well, if you are lucky enough to have a Smart TV in your room, and if installing new Apps is not locked by the hotel (most of the time it is since they don’t want the guest to install all kinds of apps), you can install Netflix and use your own password. Presto! Instant entertainment!

But, those are ideal conditions and we all know that such a thing is extremely rare. So, we have a solution! It’s called a TV Box, and all it needs is a TV and WiFi. What this affordable (you can buy some really good models for around $30) useful, little gadget does, is that it practically turns a regular TV (It needs to have an HDMI port), into a Smart one. Meaning, you can install all kinds of apps on your Box, and use them through the TV. You know what this means? Exactly, Netflix!

But, you can also install other apps that act as Movie and TV Shows search engines and you don’t even need the Netflix account. Also, you can play android video games, use YouTube, Skype, and pretty much everything you already use on your Smartphone.


When bored with watching movies and TV shows, people usually turn their attention to watching through the hotel room window. A new city, new surroundings, there something interesting bound to be seen. Unfortunately, none of us has an eagle vision, meaning that we can’t zoom in on something, thus we are pretty much limited to seeing just the “wider picture”.

But, imagine having a telescope! When we say telescope, we don’t mean those bulky home models, but more practical, portable and compact ones that can easily fit a backpack. This way, if you are lucky to have a room with an ocean view, you can have a relaxing ocean-watching sessions, or if you are in a mountain surrounded region, you can check what’s going on over there.

Furthermore, most of the new models come with smartphone adaptors, meaning that you can even see what’s on the other side, on your phone’s screen, and even make cool photos. A tip, wait till it gets dark and check out the moon and make some cool close ups of it.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can check out the reviews of some of the best and relatively affordable models on OpticGearLab.


For frequent travelers, headphones are a must. Especially if you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, you need headphones so that you can watch anything on your tablet or a laptop, at the volume level you want. We all know how thing the hotel walls are and how other guests will start complaining if you watch a movie too loud, or if some other guest are too loud, you can simply tune out by placing headphones on.

When choosing a pair, you need to make sure they have quality sound, and that means having a 3 system speaker, further meaning, your headphones need to cover all sound ranges, low (bass), middle, and high sounds. So, if you are looking for the ultimate sound experience, forget about those ear plug models, go for the big ones that cover your entire ear. And, the longer the cable, the better. Or, you can get a pair of wireless ones, which might be the best solution if you don’t like getting all tangled up in the cable.

Mini Drone

Now this is a fun gadget that will definitely help you kill some time, but, also get you addicted to drone piloting. In order not to have problems at the airports and with the FAA, we recommend getting a mini (micro) drone. Also, the bigger ones are for outdoors and you can’t fly it in a hotel room.

Now, as far as micro drones are concerned, they are easy to use, aren’t dangerous, and offer tons of fun. If you get a model like, for example, the Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider, not only that you will be able to fly it around the room, but  you will also be able to see where the drone flies, because it has a camera and can stream live video feed on the screen on your Smartphone.

If you want the full piloting sensation, we recommend getting the Vr Head Set or FPV goggles as well. With the full setup, you can even create a course in your hotel room and do laps to beat your own times.

Portable Projector

Who says you can’t have movie nights in your hotel room? Oh, yes you can, and you can even do it with style! All you need is a portable projector that has enough Lumens to make the picture bright enough, and presto, your personal hotel-room-theater is open for business.

Most of these projectors have either USB ors SD card slot, so that you can watch movies directly from them, but some also support smartphone streaming, as well as the TV Box support. So, get some snacks from the minibar, connect everything, turn off the lights, and enjoy!

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Top Gadgets to Have When You’re Moving From One Hotel to Another

5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Involved In Casino Games

The birth of new technology such as the internet and smartphones has completely changed the way in which we do things, the way we live, the way we do business and most important of all, the way in which we have fun. The latter is something which is very close to my heart as I am someone who loves nothing more than playing games, technology means that I now have games aplenty right there in my pocket.

The dawn of online casino games has been one of the best things that could have happened for me, tying together my two loves, gambling and playing games. I first started after reading a Genting casino review and giving them a try, since then, there has been nothing stopping me and here are just 5 reasons why you need to get involved in casino gaming.

Big Wins

The first thing that you need to understand about playing games like this, is that there are lots of opportunities to win big. Very often you don’t even need to gamble very much to get on a winning streak and once you start seeing that money coming in, you’ll soon realise just how amazing it can be to not only win money, but to win money whilst having some fun with some cool games.

Free Cash

There are loads of awesome offers out there for new customers and very often when you sign up to online casinos, you will receive some free cash simply for signing up. This is perfect for newbies and experts alike as you can get the ball rolling without even having to spend your own money.

Play Anywhere

Once you have downloaded one of the casino apps, you will be able to play and gamble anywhere you like. My personal favourite place to play is when I am on the bus to and from work. I love the fact that I can get my phone out just about anywhere and play some roulette or blackjack and I have probably won most of my money on my commute to work.


Casino apps do not only have the traditional casino games which we all know and love, modern technology has meant that software developers have created some outstanding games with fantastic graphics which you can get involved in. Personally I really enjoy playing slots and they always have topical and cool themes attached to them which take them from a traditional slot game, to something far bigger, and far more impressive. If you love to game, these are a perfect option for you.

Easy To Control

I am a controlled gambler and I know when enough is enough, some people aren’t as fortunate and during my time in casinos I saw so many people who didn’t know when to walk away. The beauty of playing online casino games however is that you can simply close the app when it is time to finish. The other benefit of these apps and websites is that you can set your own controls around your bet limit, how many hours to play in a day and other variables which allow you to gamble safely.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Involved In Casino Games

Top Locations For Irish Trad Music


It wasn’t long ago in Ireland that nomads went around constantly bringing traditional music with them from town to town. Wherever they passed they would bring fresh musical styles to the various sessions they would play, and occasionally they would even teach their own unique flavour of trad music to students through traditional music schools and colleges.  

While there are less nomadic trad musicians these days in Ireland, the trad music session is still a quintessential part of Irish culture that completes any visit to an Irish pub by creating the perfect atmosphere and soundtrack to an evening out. So here are 3 examples of some of the best places to catch a “trad music session” on your visit to Ireland, so break out the maps, grab some car insurance from Chill Insurance and hit the road to take in a couple of the truly best stops in the Emerald Isle.

Doolin Music House, County Clare

The village of Doolin really stands out from the crowd because it is widely acclaimed to be the heart and soul of Irish trad music and sessions in Ireland. Doolin is a small village on the wild Atlantic coast road in County Clare, but it’s this small size and fairly remote location that has made it such a melting pot of trad musicians and sessions with the village having numerous pubs playing up to 38 sessions a week in the summer months!

Literally all the pubs have session music in Doolin and so it’s impossible to really say which is the best, but for something much more intimate you can go and see Doolin’s legend trad musicians, Christy and Sheila Barry in the comfort of their spacious living room huddled around a warm fire! This has earned it the name Doolin Music House and is a special way to listen to a trad session along with Irish folk stories in the comfort of the house of some of the best trad musicians in the world.

Matt Molloy’s, Westport, County Mayo

County Mayo in the rugged north-west of Ireland is know well for it’s traditional Irish music summer schools, where trad musicians from around the country teach their skills to eager students so that the traditional music will be passed own to the next generation.  Matt Molloy’s in Westport town is the stand out pub in County Mayo, being built in 1896 it has retained it’s authenticity and is famous throughout County Mayo (and beyond) for it’s 7 times a week nightly trad sessions.

The pub is named after it’s current owner, Matt Molloy, who is famous throughout Ireland for being one of the best flute players in the world in the trad band the Chieftains and Planxty. So it goes without saying that this attracts some of the finest trad musicians Ireland has to offer.

The Crane Bar, Galway

Trad music connoisseurs from around the world often make The Crane Bar in the city of Galway their first port of call, with its reputation for trad music sessions every night of the week. The pub still has it’s 19th century Victorian-era exterior welcoming visitors and actually consists of two levels, with the ground floor housing much of the musical sessions. In recent years it has actually started to also offer acoustic nights and musicians of different genres, however it is still infamous and known best for it’s nightly trad sessions that begin at 9.30pm every night.

These three suggestions should give you a small taste of both some of the most eclectic and the most renowned places in Ireland to catch some authentic trad sessions.

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Top Locations For Irish Trad Music

3 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your House is Safe While You’re Traveling

Let us imagine this scenario for a bit: you have just had the most thrilling Australia trip of your life. Not to mention, from flight tickets to cheap travel insurance, you saved big on your vacation. Everything seems to be dandy, until you pull into your garage and realise something is a miss. You see your door open and its handles destroyed. You survey the room and find a couple of things missing. All that excitement from the trip completely evaporates.

Well, that is Murphy’s Law for you, an epigram that states anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Returning home from a memorable trip only to learn that something has happened at home can put a damper to an otherwise amazing week. But the truth is, an empty house or apartment is an easy target for criminals. This is not meant to scare you off taking long vacations, but it is important to take certain steps to make sure your home is secure during the duration of your trip.

Here are some of the necessary precautionary measures you can take to keep your home safe while you are traveling.

Ask friends or family to watch your place for you

This is the simplest way to make sure everything will still be in place once you get home. Ask relatives and friends to stay at your home for the duration of your trip, or at least visit it every other day to keep things in check. You can even ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your house for you while you are away. This is easier if you do not have pets or plants to take care of; but if you do, make sure the person you have appointed has a key to your house.

Additionally, make sure they have your contact information. Right now, since pocket Wi-Fi modems are easy to rent when you go abroad, you are almost always online. But just in case, give them the number and address of the hotel you are staying at, and a copy of your itinerary. If you have asked multiple people to watch your house, tell them about each other. You would not want your neighbour reporting your friend to the police.

Lastly, make sure you have brought something back from your trip as a thank you gesture.

Avoid announcing your travel plans on the web

We tend to be too excited when we plan our trips that we just cannot help but announce it online. However, if your house is going to be empty for majority of your trip, it would probably be best if you do not post about it. Tell your friends and family about the trip, for sure, but do not call too much attention to it online because the wrong people might be alerted to it. Especially if you were not able to find someone who can stay or go to your house everyday.

Do a maintenance check before leaving

Another way of keeping your house safe is making sure there will not be maintenance issues while you are away. This includes checking for exposed wires that may cause fire, frozen pipes that might burst, and so on. Create a list of things that needs to be fixed and attend to them before leaving.

Once you leave, make sure that all the appliances have been unplugged. Lastly, there is debate around leaving your lights turned on to make it look like someone’s home. You risk getting a high electricity bill in this way, though. The best solution is drawing the curtains close and then getting yourself a light switch timer that turns on and off on a specific schedule.

And remember that there is nothing more dangerous than leaving a set of keys under the mat or a potted plant, not to mention, very cliche. Your trip should help you relax and forget about the worries back home. So make it count by taking these precautionary measures to keep your vacation stress-free.

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3 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your House is Safe While You’re Traveling

Road Tripping Australia – What You Need To Know


Thousands of people go on road trips across Australia each year, and it’s especially popular with younger crowds who might have just finished university or who have decided to take a gap year before starting. Often, however, these younger people decide to buy a second hand van or car for their adventures across Australia, and although that often pays off in the long-term, some will inevitably come across mechanical issues on the older cars, or even newer rental cars if they decide to just rent a newer model car for their journey.

A Mechanic For All

Unfortunately, many younger drivers will lack the mechanical skills and knowledge that they will need to know if they experience breakdowns or any other kind of mechanical fault on their car or van. They may find themselves stuck in the middle of the outback and will in this case maybe have to wait several hours or even a couple of days before someone comes along and finds them to help. This can really ruin trips and can be an unpleasant experience in it’s own right. This is where Mobile Mechanics comes in very handy: Whether the cause of the breakdown is a dead battery or punctured tyre, they provide 24/7 assistance and will get your vehicle fixed and running again.

Or perhaps younger drivers about to embark on such long-distance journeys will want to get everything in their car checked out and fixed before leaving. Again this is where Mobile Mechanics would come in very handy, especially with their 20,000km guarantee, meaning if you breakdown before the car hits 20,000 kilometres you don’t have to pay for the recovery and fixing of it.


For many young drivers – not just international but also domestic Australians – getting a vehicle registration and insurance might be a little bit daunting and time consuming. If their car is second hand and hasn’t been used for some time, the new owners will need to get a ‘blue slip’ where the vehicle hasn’t been registered for more than 3 months needs a comprehensive safety check before being registered. Also, they will need to transfer their registration within 14 days of purchasing their new car (if it was bought in New South Wales).

All of this complication and hassle can be passed on to Mobile Mechanics so that not only is the car in optimal condition but also all the forms, tests and registration are all in order as well.

With annual membership starting at $165 going up to $383 for the premium coverage, this represents very good value when you consider the huge distances and sometimes very harsh terrains and weather that you will eventually find in Australia. Having mobile mechanics is almost essential in long journeys such as road trips, holidays and for visiting family.

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Road Tripping Australia – What You Need To Know

3 Fantastic Anti-Theft Bags for Family Travel

Travelling is undoubtedly a wonderful experience; creating memories that will live with us for a lifetime and allowing us to make new friends and experience new cultures, cuisines and ways of life. However, it can sometimes be quite stressful, from having to deal with the logistics of travel to worries around illness, injury and insurance.

One element that’s particularly stressful when travelling is the potential of crime, from items being stolen to typical tourist scams and counterfeit goods. It was an issue that was brought sharply into focus for me personally, when I had my bag stolen in France, losing my phone, laptop, Ray-Ban glasses and my wallet. Luckily, my losses were covered by my insurance, but I’m now far more aware of my surroundings and possessions when I’m travelling.

Because of this experience, I started looking at so-called ‘anti-theft’ travel bags, which are widely available online. Some of them are obviously better than others, so I decided to put together my top 3 list of the ones I’ve tried:

1. Lewis N Clarke Secura Anti-Theft Bag

This is far and away my personal favourite. Not only is it comfortable and holds quite a lot, it really feels secure and makes me much more comfortable when I’m travelling. The bag features anti-slash fabric and a steel shoulder strap reinforcement, an exterior locking pocket, RFID blocking materials and really useful locking hardware, allowing you to secure the bag to tables or chairs. Whenever I have this bag I feel like my possessions are safe, even if I take my eye off the bag when I’m sat in a restaurant of café.

2. Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

This sturdy messenger bag features internal and external pockets, card and passport sections with RFID blocking technology, cut-proof shoulder strap, slash-resistant mesh material and lobster claw clasps which can be used to secure it to solid objects. In terms of features the Travelon certainly stands up to the Lewis N Clarke option, but I felt the styling of this one was a little lacking in comparison. However, this is just a personal preference, and there’s no doubt my possessions felt save in the Travelon.

3. Baggalline Everywhere Cross Body Bag

The Baggalline doesn’t come anywhere near the other two options in terms of features, but it’s a good option if you have less money to spend but still want something that feels secure. It sits across your body, making it much harder to steal from while you’re wearing it, and boasts multiple hidden pockets and RFID blocking technology. It’s also very spacious, allowing to comfortably carry things like a laptop or camera with you.

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3 Fantastic Anti-Theft Bags for Family Travel

Airline Compensation Court Ruling – How They’ve Changed To Help You

Every so often, people decide that the rules and regulations which surround one particular area need to be reviewed and altered. And sometimes, that’s not what you want. But other times, like the changes we’re interested in, the changes are welcomed and very useful. So, what’s happened which has changed so much?

Compensation Rights Have Improved

The alteration in question is a change in the rights of those people who are claiming compensation for their delays or cancellation with regards to their flight. The new regulations state that the rights of compensation are now different. People who are flying with a non-EU airline would find that they can claim compensation if the flight was delayed for longer than three hours or cancelled entirely. This means that flights in America will now be subject to the same conditions which European flights are, as ruled by the Court of Appeal and the Court of Justice.

Previously, there was much less room for people to claim compensation because their flights were based on non-EU airlines. However, the rules have shifted so that this is no longer the case. If they experienced a delay on the first leg of their flight, and they were three hours late or more in the resulting slow travel, then they are entitled to claim compensation.

Good News For All?

For a long time, people who used non-EU airlines felt like there was some injustice in the system. They couldn’t claim compensation for delayed flights when going on holiday or see loved ones, or for business trips. However, this new change forces airlines to be accountable for the problems which are caused by delayed flights, and this is something which should have happened long ago.

Andrew Haines, who is the Chief Executive of the Civil Aviation Authority, has said that ‘The Court of Appeal’s ruling could not be clearer and is fantastic news for passengers, who can now demand airlines pay them the compensation they are entitled to when they miss a connecting flight. Any flight disruption is frustrating, but delays that cause passengers to miss a connecting flight have a particularly damaging effect on people’s travel plans’.

Overall, it is pleasing to see that the higher powers in the air travel industry are now going to be able to be held responsible for the grievances suffered by passengers who are unable to get from one place to the other because of delays and cancellations. People are paying for a service, and when they are not getting what they promised it is only natural that you would want to try and get some of your money back. Hopefully, it is now going to be even easier for people who have suffered delays and problems with their flight to claim back some of what they spent, and feel that they have been fairly compensated for what they’ve lost. With this new policy in place, people are more hopeful about being able to get back what they’ve lost in the way of time and money. If you think you have a claim then visit a company like Flight Delay Claims 4 U, and see if they can help you claim and get some advice.

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Airline Compensation Court Ruling – How They’ve Changed To Help You

Ways to Discount Next Year’s Camping Holiday

Finding it a little difficult to stretch the finances for next year’s camping holiday? Before visiting the bank to increase that overdraft or apply for another loan, consider these few ideas on how you can reduce the holiday cost yourself.

Turn it into a working holiday:

Give yourself a break, and consider spending a week or a month working in the fresh air of the countryside – on your holiday. Hop farms and market gardens take on large numbers of seasonal workers in the UK and other European countries. Many provide accommodation or sites where you can pitch your tent or park your van. Who knows, you might even arrive back home with a nice tan and showing a profit.

Rent out your Home:

Renting out your house while you go on holiday is becoming increasingly popular these days. Most of the glitches and uncertainty of the early days have been ironed out. Companies endeavour to vet all applicants and give you what feedback they can on whether your guests regularly book private accommodation. Most charge a fixed fee or percentage of the rent asked.

Become a travel blogger:

If you’re one of that growing band of people who prefer shorter breaks, but more of them, consider travel blogging. As a knowledgeable dedicated camping enthusiast, you could contact a few of the online camping companies and enquire whether they are interested in paying for camping reviews. That could be reviewing tents, campervans, equipment, or the campsites you visit.

Failing that, start your own camping blog now. Memories and photos of previous camping trips can be uploaded to help build your following. Become an affiliate, and advertise and provide reviews of the equipment you use. You’ll receive a percentage every time someone purchases a product advertised on your blog.

Sell your photographs:

If your penchant is photography rather than writing, you can earn by uploading your photographs to sell. Sign up with the site, upload your photograph with asking price and sit back. If you’re good you can earn reasonable money. If you’re very good, and your shot ends up in a national publication, you can earn big bucks. Most companies charge a percentage of the asking price. One thing to remember unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions, when you accept the sale of your photograph, the copyright passes to the buyer.

Working online:

With the need to juggle making a living with raising a young family, more people than ever before are choosing to work from home on the internet, millions of them in fact. Even more are holding down full-time jobs, while spending a few hours in the evening working for internet companies to bring in a little extra.

Whether you prefer adding up figures, checking receipts, writing product descriptions or reviewing anything from kitchen accessories to the latest films, there are companies out there who will pay you to do it. If you start now, the extra income will come in handy for next year’s camping holiday. When you pack up the van, don’t forget to pack your laptop or tablet. There’s nothing stopping you earning while you lay on the beach soaking up the rays.

Online trading:

Another increasingly popular way to try to increase the coffers is online trading. Gone are the days when the stock market was the domain of the large investment banks and insurance companies. Now anyone can play the markets. Companies like CMC Markets have been set up to help ordinary people who want to develop their own trading portfolio using a mix of Commodities, Forex, indices and shares.

Cashback Sites:

There are any number of ways you can discount the cost of your next holiday. Sign up with different cashback sites. Can you book your camping holiday through them? Use cashback to buy holiday clothing and any extras you may want to take with you. Provided you pay your credit card off monthly, consider applying for a cashback credit card for use on your holiday.

Finally, if you tend to frequent the same camping sites on a regular basis, you’re no doubt aware of what shortages most fellow campers complain of. Do a bit of shopping before you leave and cram a few extras into those unfilled spaces. Unless you’ve got a three ton truck, distributing them to fellow campers isn’t going to make you any fortunes. But it might just get you a few free beers in the clubhouse.

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Ways to Discount Next Year’s Camping Holiday